What We Do

Worried about passing your DOT Physical? At DOC4DOT™ by Urgent-MD™, our certified medical examiners are dedicated to helping Drivers!

With their extensive knowledge of the DOT Medical Exam guidelines, any of our qualified providers can steer you through the CDL Physical Exam process so you can Keep on Truckin’! 

We'll guide you through the medical requirements and help you maintain your DOT Medical Exam Certification for years to come. Same-day appointments are routine in most of our locations.

Don’t get stuck in a waiting room!
Call 1-
(844) 362-4368 and Get In. Get Out. Get Driving!


DOC-4-DOT™ makes it convenient for you to get your Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination (also known as a DOT physical or CDL physical exam).


All of our practitioners are certified by the FMCSA, and we're up on all the latest regulations. You can be confident that when you get your medical card at DOC-4-DOT™, it will be accepted by the DMV.